5 Phenomenal Angels Caught On Camera (Unexplained Mysteries)

5 Phenomenal Angels Caught On Camera (Unexplained Mysteries) | I Love Being Christian Videos

Photo Credit: YouTuber "Unexplained Mysteries"


Learn about five people who believe angels helped them survive when in near-death situations

Many people believe angels are responsible for watching over us during our daily activities, keeping us safe from unfortunate accidents. This video shows photographs taken to prove that guardian angels protected those on the verge of death, helping them to heal rather than perish prematurely.


These photos are often of white, glowing apparitions, unexplainable to those who see them. Those who recovered believe that angels made sure they did not pass away and rather remained on earth as heaven was not yet ready for their arrival. God sends these angels to watch over people on earth.

Are they people who had been involved in the lives of those on the brink of death who had perished themselves? Are they assigned to certain people on earth by God Almighty Himself? This is one of the mysteries that those who encounter angels wonder about afterwards.

Watch these inspiring stories and take a look at the photographs provided to learn more about angels and their role in everyday life situations. As the bible states in Psalm 91:11, “For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.”

Are these apparitions caught on camera actually angels protecting those in need of some assistance? Those in these stories believe they would not be alive today without these angels protective nature during the accidents they were involved in.

Watch a video showing apparitions believed to be angels on the scene of near-death accidents.


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