His Plane Crashes – While Burning He Meets God

His Plane Crashes – While Burning He Meets God | I Love Being Christian Videos

Micky Robinson was in a deadly plain crash that literally killed him but then he says God brought him back and now he’s alive today to tell the tale!

It all started one day when he was going skydiving. Long story short – shortly after take off the engines shut off and the plane started to plummet straight towards the ground. They got so low the plane hit a giant olk tree going about 100 miles an hour and they crash landed (catching on fire – but the experience wasn’t over yet).


Miraculously Micky was still alive, bang up very badly but, still alive. However when he tried to get out his parachute equipment was caught on a part of mangled plane preventing him from escaping. He was soaked with fuel from head to toe and the plane and him went up in flames!

That’s when he said all this happened! 

  1. First, another man who survived the crash with him grabs him by his parachute and pulls him out of the plane (which should of been impossible because the parachute equipment was build to withstand 2000 pounds of pull).
  2. Then overwhelmed with pain he was rushed to the hospital. During the ride he experienced his spirit coming out of his body. Instantly he was aware he was in the spirit world and was speeding towards the brightest light he’d ever seen.
  3. But then he looked back and noticed a black ghastly cloud sweeping towards him. The more he looked at it the faster it would sweep towards him and more he felt the extreme emotions of being completely cut off from God.
  4. The dark was starting to engulf him and right as the light was about to eclipse behind the black cloud and disappear he cried out screaming “I’m sorry, I want to live, please give me another chance!”
  5. Instantly he was standing in the presents of Almighty God. Right at that moment he realized he would never die and would live fore eternity.

It get’s really awesome after this part – see the rest of the story in the video below!


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