Message From God: America Is About To Be Shaken Like Never Before! (Testimony)

Message From God: America Is About To Be Shaken Like Never Before! (Testimony) | I Love Being Christian Videos

When the creator of this video heard a message from God, she knew she had to share it with the world. This video is her story.

In this amazing video, you’ll hear from a woman who heard Jesus speaking to her. He told her many things that she must tell others, including:

  1. God is coming soon. As Jesus spoke to this woman, he kept warning her that He is coming soon. He has much unfinished business on Earth, and he must come back down to fulfill His duties. The exact time and place are unknown, but He will come soon.
  2. If you want to be saved, you must repent. Jesus reiterated to the woman that Christians must be saved, and they can only do this by repenting and seeking Him. Hurry, because the hour is at hand.
  3. Go to Isaiah 51:15 for a special message. When the woman opened her Bible to this passage, it read: “But I am the Lord thy God, that divided the sea, whose waves roared: the Lord of hosts is his name.” It’s evident that God chose this Bible verse to remind all of us that He is our Lord and Savior, and his power is endless.
  4. America is about to be shaken like never before. Although Jesus didn’t elaborate on this, He wants us to know that America is about to undergo significant change. What could this be?

Although we don’t know the exact hour and minute of Christ’s second coming, as Christians, we firmly believe that He is coming soon. And when He does, we will be prepared to listen.


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