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Please Pray For Chloe and Christine | I Love Being Christian Videos

Blessed day everyone! Here at we’d like to share with you a prayer request recently sent to us that touched every one of our hearts… take a look.

15740763_1570119019671352_8254828975026852153_nDearest Prayer Warriors,


My service dog of eight years, Chloe, has just been diagnosed with Blastomycosis and has developed a serious fungal pneumonia. The Doctor isn’t very optimistic about her recovery. She said that the medication I have to administer to her may be the death of her. Yet, it would be her only hope. However, I know that much like myself, God is her only hope. As I watched her struggle to breathe, my mind struggled to understand the workings of God…

As I considered my traumatic life, I questioned whether there is a purpose for all of the suffering we’ve both endured.

The “WHY’s” bombarded my mind…

Why did I have to be born to a cocaine addict/alcoholic mother and a drug addict/drug smuggling/drug dealing father?

Why did I have to be rejected and raised in an orphanage?

Why did my entire childhood have to be filled with mental, physical, and sexual abuse?

Why did the sexual abuse start when I was such a very young child?

Why do I have to suffer from the anxiety and nightmares due to my Post Traumatic Stress disorder?

Why did my husband have to die so young in a car accident?

Why did I have to raise my children and stray children alone in poverty?

Why do I have to have so many physical issues?

As the questions plagued my mind, Chloe moaned in discomfort distracting me from my own pain. I can’t help but wonder how I am going to go on without her. She is 10 years old and has been my rock since before the kids grew up and moved away. She has been there by my side as I struggled to move on with my life alone, as I struggled to heal from the immense brokenness, and as I pursued my dream of acquiring an education. She has slept through every class I’ve attended in the last six years, but kept my anxiety down just by being by my side. Her love has given me the strength and confidence to carry on in spite of all of the odds.

I would daydream about us walking across the stage and receiving my diploma. I never dreamed that I would have to do it without her or that I would get to be a second semester junior in my pre-med biology program and lose my financial assistance before I could finish. My 3.5 GPA speaks volumes about my sincere desire to excel. We even walked to school for an entire week when my truck broke down and it is seven miles one way. I desired to go to medical school, so I could help people who didn’t have money receive healing. As I struggled with poverty and my Post Traumatic Stress, I realized that my dreams of medical school were not realistic, but I decided to continue on my academic path towards graduating with my Bachelors. I’ve won four scholarships since I’ve been at Lincoln Memorial University, but it still isn’t enough to allow me to finish. I can’t help but question God… WHY?

Her moans of discomfort distracted me once again and I stroked her head gently. I can’t count the times that she has comforted me and the joy that she has brought many others as well. I laughed out loud as I recalled her insistence on howling as we would sing in church every Sunday.

I may not understand the workings of God, but I believe that there is a divine plan. I know the Creator is bigger than any problem that I may have and has answered many of my prayers. So, when I didn’t have the money to take her to the veterinarian and they wouldn’t see her, I cried out to God in prayer and to my friends on Facebook. God made a way through their love, as they called in and donated enough money for her to be seen and for her medication. Her diagnosis is near fatal. The Dr. wanted me to take her straight to Knoxville to the animal hospital to improve her chances, but it would cost thousands of dollars and I have no money. Yet, I have faith that God has the ability to turn all of these negatives into something positive. I believe in miracles. I believe in God’s love and I believe that Jesus knows my heart, plight, and would miss Chloe singing praises in church,as much as the rest of us.

So PLEASE join me in prayer that Chloe and I both survive these tragedies and can continue following our dreams together.


Christina Spirit

If you’d like to help Christina Spirit and her dog please donate to her Go Fund Me account.


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