Will The Trumpet Of God Sound Off During “The Feast Of Trumpets” This September In Israel?

Will The Trumpet Of God Sound Off During “The Feast Of Trumpets” This September In Israel? | ILoveBeingChristian Videos

Mark Wells / Youtube


Will Christians biblical “Revelation 12 Sign” and the Jewish holiday “The Feast Of Trumpets” that happen to fall on the same day be the day the Church is reborn again? – some experts in shock but excited say this could be THE SIGN Jesus Christ is going to return very, very soon.

For centuries men, both Christian and non, have felt a strong inclination to find prophecy heralding the end of time. What do most end of time prophecies have in common? The 2012 prophecy of the Myans, Y2K Doomsday preppers, even the controlled panic of the Cold War as well as many others, have all had one thing in common. These prophecies were not based on Biblical fact.


This new video from Mark Wells, reveals not a new prophecy, but rather understanding of a very old prophecy, the facts of which are written in the stars. Using the Biblical concept of Astronomy, not to be confused with the pagan practices of Astrology. Astronomy is based on the facts that God is the creator of the stars and heavenly bodies, and God uses those heavenly bodies for his own purposes and designs (Psalms 147:4 “He telleth the number of the stars he calleth them all by their name.”)

This video will help you better understand the Revelation 12 Sign which many theologians believe is set to happen on September 23rd, 2017 during The Feast Of Trumpets.

Throughout the Bible God has used His own creation of the heavens as a calendar, even a watch, keeping time with His own plans and designs. On September 23, 2017 there will be many astronomical factors which will line up along with other Biblical prophecies correlating to the Jewish Feast of Trumpets, also on September 23rd, 2017.

Understanding how these Biblical prophecies, events and astronomical movements is vital to an understanding of The Revelation 12 Sign. Unlike the ever changing word of men, the Word of God as well as the science of astronomy point to the fulfilling of this prophecy.

If you are interested in modern day fulfilling of Biblical prophecy as it concerns the nation of Israel and the Church here is everything you need to know about the Revelation 12 Sign in under 15 minutes (in the video below).


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