#1 Prayer That Works For Casting Out Demons

#1 Prayer That Works For Casting Out Demons | I Love Being Christian Videos


One of the biggest battles everybody faces on a daily bases is the lies the devil whispers in our ear. That tricksters actually got a super strategy he always uses and we’re going to reveal it to you but first want you to know that you can absolutely WILL your way out of the listening to his bad influences. 

The Devils Strategy: (BE-AWARE) The first thing the devil does is lie to you. Second thing he does is overwhelm you with guilt and shame. Finally when he’s accomplished that he steals your identity. He convinces you that you’re someone you’re truly not. 


However, you don’t have to buy into this demonic game because we’re gonna show you a power prayer when listened to- cast out demons, creates inner peace and allows Jesus to flow through you. 

You must Will yourself into believing this though- everyone can do it. Go ahead and LISTEN to this prayer now in the video below. Also remember to listen again whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed by any bad feeling.

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