10 Bible Facts About Jesus’ Second Coming

10 Bible Facts About Jesus’ Second Coming | I Love Being Christian Videos
10 facts of Jesus’ second coming
  1. Bible prophecies predicted Jesus’ second coming over 1000 times!
    There are almost 1500-recorded prophecies in the Bible, which confirms the Jesus second coming. To mention some of the concrete references – found in the Psalm Chapter 50 (Versus 3:5), Isaiah (26:17) and chapter 35 (4-6) states that Jesus will be coming in vengeance in order to save you!
  2. Jesus second coming will be visible to everyone:
    Everyone will see Him when He descends from the clouds, and he’ll come with power and great glory. There is no such prophecy of the ‘secret coming of Jesus’ but His return will be very bright and visible like a lightning flashing across the sky.
  3. Nobody knows the time of Jesus’ return:
    Mark 13:32 clarifies that no one is aware about the exact time of the Jesus’ return, nor any angles or the sons of heaven predict the exact time of the return. But once He returns, He will lead us to the path of salvation. The time is not known because there are chances that people might take the advantage of the same.
  4. Jesus feet will not touch the ground at his return:
    Jesus will descend to Earth and create a new heaven and new earth, but His feet will not touch the ground. The exact wording can be found in Zechariah (14:4). Once Jesus is descended there will be no opportunity for any devil to come near the pure soul.
  5. Jesus will be accompanied with all of His angels at His return:
    Mathew chapter 25 (25:31) clearly states that when the God will return, He will be accompanied by all the angels along with Him to sit on the throne of glory!
  6. There will be signs indicating the nearness of Jesus’ return:
    Though we are not aware of the exact time of his return, he will surely give some clues to us in the form of famines, rumors of war, earthquakes, increased wickedness and so on. These signs are seen intensified since the last century. Are we among the lucky few to welcome Jesus?
  7. The world and the wicked will be totally destroyed at Jesus’ return:
    The wicked will be totally destroyed, but before destruction these wicked personalities will hide in caves and run away from the Jesus, which is mentioned in Revelation chapter 6 (15-17).
  8. Jesus is coming to execute the judgment:
    Once the Jesus returns; He will reward the entire human race as per their deeds. The wicked will be destroyed while good people will be rewarded.
  9. There will be a special resurrection for those who crucified Jesus:
    It is mentioned that all the people who had participated and crucified Jesus will be resurrected to watch the return of the Jesus.
  10. Jesus Himself promised that He will return a second time!
    This can be found in one of the most beautiful prophecies mentioned in the bible by John chapter 14 (2-3) referring to finding a place for you.

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