12 Facts About Heaven You Might Not Know

12 Facts About Heaven You Might Not Know | I Love Being Christian Videos


HEAVEN – A place so filled with wonder and mystery that Bible scholars and ministry leaders alike have spent entire lifetimes learning and sharing all they can. Though death and the afterlife often inspire great fear of the unknown, those who have placed faith in Jesus Christ have nothing for which to be afraid.

God was gracious to give us information in the Bible about what happens after death, meaning heaven isn’t entirely shrouded in mystery and we don’t need to just “wait and see.” This video lays out incredible evidence regarding the following 12 facts about heaven that you probably didn’t know.


12 Facts About Heaven
  1. Heaven will be better than we can imagine.
  2. We will have physical bodies.
  3. We will recognize each other.
  4. There will be no marriages in heaven.
  5. There will be no suffering and pain.
  6. We will live in the New Jerusalem.
  7. We will not live in heaven forever.
  8. The new earth is paradise restored.
  9. Jesus is the only way to heaven.
  10. No one is excluded from heaven.
  11. We can’t keep living in willful sin.
  12. We don’t go straight to heaven after death.

One thing is absolutely clear and not left for any personal interpretation: Anyone who wants to go to heaven someday must trust Christ as Lord and Savior. Speaking of Jesus, John 14: 6 says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” The good news?–anyone who trusts Jesus will be saved.

Want to learn more? Ready to see evidence for any of these claims? Think they might be too good to be true? Watch the video for yourself and be amazed. Heaven–with all its promises–truly is something to get excited about!

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