12-Year-Old Gospel Singer’s Sensational Performance Will Bring You To Your Knees

12-Year-Old Gospel Singer’s Sensational Performance Will Bring You To Your Knees | I Love Being Christian Videos

Little Big Shots / YouTube

If you are getting bored with mainstream competition tv series, it may be time to tune into something different. Little Big Shots has put a new spin on competitive reality tv, by featuring talented children from across the nation.

This new show, produced by Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey, features Harvey as host. Harvey’s spot-on wit coupled with the children’s spontaneity, creates an entertaining combination.


The new idea seems to strike a cord with viewers. Fresh faced talented kids are a refreshing change of pace from hard core performers looking to make it big. Instead of taking on a competitive edge, the show rather simply features the talents of children and showcases them interacting with Harvey. This show debuted in 2016 and was renewed for a third season in March 2018.

Although the show features many different children, with a vast array of talents, this season in particular tugged at heart strings when one-star floored viewers with his rendition of “For Every Mountain.” The song which was originally sung by gospel singer Kurt Carr. The young star named Miles, did not allow his youth to hold him back from delivering a stellar performance. Accompanied with soulful back up singing, the entire audience, including host Steve Harvey, were undeniably moved by the performance.

Even at 12 years old, it is obvious that Miles has a promising career ahead of him in gospel music. As any Christian knows, gospel music is more than just knowing the notes and carrying the tune. There needs to be something deeper that will communicate to the listener. Gospel music is a vehicle used by God to convey His message of hope and love to the world. This young gospel singer has successfully tapped into this hard to describe power, and as you will see in this video, audiences are already responded to the powerful message God is sending through this young man.

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