15 Facts About Jesus (From The Bible Everyone Should Know About)

15 Facts About Jesus (From The Bible Everyone Should Know About) | I Love Being Christian Videos

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After many interviews and hours of investigation author Lee Stroebel came to the realization that not only was Christ a historical figure, but He was and is the God of the universe and the One in whom Lee chose to trust, believe and obey. Jesus is the most significant man in all of history. Here are 15 facts about Jesus that you might not know but they are all true.

15 Facts about jesus
  1. Jesus is God – Jesus is the Creator (see Colossians 3) He is the Savior (John 3:16) and He is our Great Judge.
  2. Jesus wasn’t a Nazarite, but a Nazarene – Jesus didn’t keep the vows of the Nazarite. (Jn. 2:1-10) (Mt. 26:26-29). (Jn. 3:2). (Lk. 7:14; 8:54; Jn. 11:43).”
  3. Jesus wasn’t born in 1 A.D
  4. Jesus was a real person –. Jesus’ life is recorded in extra-biblical resources such as the writings of Josephus and Mara Bar-Serpion.
  5. Jesus’ really died on the cross – Again, Flavius Josephus, an unbeliever, speaks of the death of Christ.
  6. Jesus made Himself invisible – Some people dispute this fact but a reading of Luke 4:28-31 makes it clear that the angry mob wouldn’t have just quieted on its own. Jesus passed through the midst of a crowd determined to throw Him over a cliff.
  7. Jesus had brothers and sisters – His mother Mary and step-father Joseph had children after Jesus’ birth. James, the new testament writer, was one of his half-brothers.
  8. Jesus wasn’t a blond haired, blue eyed man – Jesus lived in the Middle East and on the continent of Africa. He was called out of Egypt, like Moses and there is no mention of anyone wondering why He and His family weren’t fitting in or looking like everyone else.
  9. Jesus still has a body – John 1:14 teaches that the Word became flesh. Even after the resurrection He presented Himself to Thomas and to the other disciples in bodily form.
  10. Jesus is coming back – When Jesus rose from the tomb He folded His face cloth. This was a Jewish tradition which meant He was coming back.
  11. Jesus spoke to the Father and others heard – The NT records at least 3 occasions including Jesus’ baptism, the Mount of Transfiguration and in John 12 when Jesus prayed that His soul was troubled.
  12. Christ is not Jesus’ last name – Christ is one of His titles and it means ‘anointed one.’ (Acts 10:38)
  13. Jesus had human needs – When Jesus put on flesh he became human but remained God. As a human he had to eat, wash, sleep, and even use the restroom.
  14. Jesus started His full time ministry at the age of 30
  15. Jesus is alive – Jesus’ body never saw decay even though he was dead and rose to life again and now lives in heaven from whence He came.

View the video below to watch this all explained in full detail!


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