1st Black Woman Pastor In Her Town Building Church Against All Odds

1st Black Woman Pastor In Her Town Building Church Against All Odds | I Love Being Christian Videos

Valerie McCollum / Facebook

Hello everyone, my name is Valerie McCollum. I am an Evangelist. I am first of all in love with people. I live in a little small town called Winfield, Alabama. I am trying to purchase a church building in our area. My heart’s desire is to meet the needs of hurting people. I used to be one of this people. Lost with no where to turn. A divorced single mother of three. I felt like I did not fit in any church. For lack of the right clothes, shoes etc. Every time I would go to a church I felt out of place.


I knew in my heart God was calling me to a mission. But I had to go through hardships so I would know how to show compassion. God called me in the ministry field 4 years ago. I tried to back out. I had seen needs not being met. When a church is where you are supposed to experience love. I wanted to be used in the way that people could truly experience the true love of JESUS.

I started out by donating my time to a women’s shelter for drug abuse. Which out of that was birthed the Women’s Outreach organizations in which I am the facilitator. Doing all of this and working a full-time Job at one of our local banks for 10 years. I prayed to be in full time ministry. Well be careful what you pray for and how you pray.

I got sick and eventually had to leave my job due to health issues. I had an esophagus disease. Had all the symptoms of cancer. 26 doctors are studying my case no cancer. Tried to find it 3 times. NO CANCER!!! HALLELUJAH!!!

Now I’m ready to go full speed ahead and try my best to open this church. For all the people that think God is through with them. I can’t wait to tell them. God will never leave you or forsake you. I AM A LIVING TESTIMONY!!! PLEASE HELP ME !!! HELP SOMEONE ELSE.. Be Blessed in the MIGHTY name of JESUS..

If you’d like to help Valerie build the church you can donate to her GoFundMe account here and you can write the donation off on your taxes because she’s operating as a 501c3! 

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