2 Year Old With The Ability to Paint Pictures of Heavenly things! (VIDEO)

2 Year Old With The Ability to Paint Pictures of Heavenly things! (VIDEO) | I Love Being Christian Videos

A little girl named Jordan Cook has been grated with the ability to paint pictures of heavenly things!

It starts as she’s sitting in the drive way and she’s playing in the water from the water-hoes and finger painting water pictures on the concrete.


He mom then discovers that this could be her little girl is good at so she gets her some paint and blank paper. Little Jordan goes to town painting what ever comes to her mind. When she’s done with her first painting she looks down at the painting then up at her mom and says “God loves everyone”.

At this point her mom knew she was gifted with special ability…

One day as she’s reading a book in her room she see’s Jesus who comes into her room and starts writing on a note pad. Jesus told the little girl to ask for something. The little girl looked up at Him and asked for her mom with cancer to be heal. Jesus replied “It’s done” then disappears.

A few days later the mom has an appointment to go to the doctor but the little girl doesn’t want her to go and when they asked her “why don’t you want your mom to go” her response was that she was already healed!

You’ve got to check out the rest of the video below to get the full-scoop!

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