3 Important Ways Jesus Handled Temptation

3 Important Ways Jesus Handled Temptation | I Love Being Christian Videos

“And forgive us our sins; for we also forgive every one that is indebted to us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil.” – Luke 11:4, KJV

Temptations in our world are certainly abundant and let’s face it, they can be tough to handle. If they weren’t tough, they wouldn’t be tempting in the first place after all! From alcohol and drug addictions to tempers flaring to cravings for piles of cookies, facing a temptation can sometimes feel like you’re stuck in a trap. But take heart, you are not alone! Jesus faced our temptations for us while He was human on the earth, and He won. Thanks to Him, we can overcome our temptations too. Perhaps the most notable temptation Jesus went toe to toe with was when He was tempted by the devil. Let’s take a look at three important strategies He used – and we can use too – to send Satan packing.


1. Scripture was the only words Christ spoke

The next time you read the Book of Matthew or Luke, notice what Jesus said every time the devil spoke. He didn’t complain, and He didn’t consider what the devil suggested, either. The only thing that Jesus said was the Word of God, which is the weapon that whips the devil every time!

2. He focused on the greater good

One of Satan’s temptations was to offer the whole world to Jesus at the drop of a hat. No struggle, no pain, no sacrifice – bam! Jesus could have it all, just like that. But with the offer came a ridiculous price – Jesus would have to bow to the devil. No way! Because Christ was focused on His love for humanity and what the Father wanted Him to do, the answer was simple – say no!

3. Jesus didn’t give up

Notice that from the beginning to the end of Satan’s temptations, Jesus stayed consistent. When the devil came at Him with a temptation, Jesus countered with the Word every single time. Jesus didn’t throw a fit, and He didn’t run away, either – He stood His ground until He commanded the devil to leave. And thanks to Jesus’s resilience, we can now operate in the same way. Stay consistent, remain strong, and don’t give up!

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