4 Ways To Fall Deeper In Love With God

4 Ways To Fall Deeper In Love With God | I Love Being Christian Videos
To fall more in love with God we need a revelation of His love.

A true Revelation- that will forever change our hearts. When we see and understand how God really feels about us, our lives will be forever changed. There are several different ways to help us fall more in love with God.

Here are four ways that anyone can practice to improve their intimacy with God:

1) Pouring out thanksgiving – Constantly remembering His goodness and what He has done, will push us into thanksgiving. Who wants to keep giving to an unthankful child? Yet, when there is thanksgiving there is more favor. A sacrifice is praise is even better. (Heb. 13:15) It is us praising our God even when we don’t feel like it, and pushing through our humanness.


2) Dwelling on the cross and His sacrifice – When we fully grasp what He did that day for us and how we didn’t deserve it; then we can be thankful in a way that is pleasing to Him. We know but do we fully grasp the sacrifice? Visualize that you were giving your child in the place and ransom for all the crime in the world. Yet knowing that some would never appreciate your gift to save all of mankind. Brings it more into prospective doesn’t it?

3) Abide in His Word – A minister where I attend church always says, “Read The Word, and do it.” I didn’t fully grasp that until I started taking God at His Word. When we start relying on His Word above our own feelings- we will see lasting results and will grow in our relationship, love and trust for and with God.

4) Obey His Word – Basically goes with number three. Turn on some praise and worship and watch God change the atmosphere of your surroundings.

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