4 Year Old Enjoys The Little Things

4 Year Old Enjoys The Little Things | I Love Being Christian Videos

Prepare yourself for a heart warming story about an adorable little 4 year old boy. His name is Carson, and he loves the UPS truck and the driver Mr. Ernie. You see, Carsons always wanted to be a UPS driver and he gets super excited every single time a new packaged comes in the mail.

Week after week Mr. Ernie arrives to deliver a package and Carson is ready, dressed to impress in his UPS costume. But on this delivery date Mr. Ernie has a something very special for him in the truck.


If there’s anything you should take from this video it’s the ability to enjoy the simple things in life. You never know what God can bless you with until you open up your heart and show love to one another.

Watch the video below to see the secret surprise awaiting this exuberant little guy!

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