5 Empowering Things To Do When Reading Your Bible

5 Empowering Things To Do When Reading Your Bible | I Love Being Christian Videos


Reading The Bible is so much more than many may know. We read The Word to gain understanding in our hearts and in our spirits what Jesus came to do and what we are here to do now. See, The Bible has answers for everything. It is The Living Word of God. It will speak to us no matter where we are in our lives. It is amazing how God can give us the right verse at the right time to speak to us about a certain situation when we need it.

Here are 5 things to do while reading your Bible:
  1. Pray for The Holy Spirit’s Guidance – The Holy Spirit knows Fathers heart. He can speak to our heart and our spirit about what our Father wants us to know. Jesus promises in John 14:26, But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.” What a wonderful blessing that we have in The Holy Spirit. He is part of God and He lives in us as God’s children.
  2. Pray for Application  How does this verse(s) apply to me? What is God saying here? What can you do, to do what The Word says in this situation?
  3. Have a Plan – This is a way that you can plan to read everyday. Plans are good and we certainly need to read The Word everyday. (Remember this though when we miss reading that day, God still loves us! Don’t feel condemned by it.) Some people use devotions or the one year plan to read The Word in a year. What you read may not be for that day, but you will use it eventually. 🙂
  4. Meditate on The Word – This is where God can bring revelation to you. He can show you so much by using scriptures when you think on them and study them out. I recommend a Strong’s Concordance with The King James Bible to study. The Concordance is like a dictionary for The Bible giving you the original Greek and Hebrew with the meanings. You will see things you may have never seen before when studying it out.
  5. Take Notes – I do this a lot.. I love to write stuff. When you read, take notes and write what you feel like God is showing you. It will help you commit it to memory too!

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