5 Most Amazing Angels Caught On Tape

5 Most Amazing Angels Caught On Tape | I Love Being Christian Videos

photo credit: YouTube / The Truth can change Your life

As believers, we are fascinated by angels. These ministering spirits, who can guide us to heaven, give us messages from God or can protect us from harm are simply awe inspiring. This video below captures angels on tape as they go about fulfilling their role as God’s servants.

Real Angels Caught on Film

  • Erin’s Story: A small child named Erin–who happens to be suffering with cancer– was happily playing in her back yard with sparklers. Her mom took a photo of the child and only later realized she had caught something amazing in the photograph. Standing right behind the child is a form whose presence has no explanation. Erin’s mom believes this is an angelic being. Erin was later healed of her cancer and her mom feels the photo is simply proof of the fact that Erin was healed by an angelic being.
  • Chelsea’s Story: Chelsea has suffered from multiple disabilities basically her entire life. This has resulted in her being admitted to the hospital countless times. Eventually, Chelsea’s condition deteriorated to the point of suffering, leading her mom to make the agonizing choice to pull life support from her daughter. Two hours after life support was removed, Chelsea was still hanging on. During this time, hospital security footage caught an image outside of her room that has no earthly explanation. It was a white, glowing being that could only be picked up on the monitors, but not visually in person. Hospital staff were so confused after going to see the being in person and not being able to find him that they called in additional people to figure out what was occurring. The most logical explanation seems to be that the being was an angel standing guard outside Chelsea’s room while her life hung in the balance. Incidentally, Chelsea recovered and was released from the hospital.

Watch the video in its entirety to see even more evidence of God’s angels as they minister on earth.


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