5 Surprising Bible Facts (WOW!) (Did You Know?)

5 Surprising Bible Facts (WOW!) (Did You Know?) | I Love Being Christian Videos
The Bible has many interesting things about it. They are not coincidental at all, but very planned by a Big, All knowing God!
    1. According to Biblical scholarship, The book of Job was written first- not Genesis. The Bible isn’t in order chronologically… I think we sometimes forget that because usually it’s read that way.
    2. “Do not be afraid” is written 365 times in The Bible. One for everyday of the year. God knew how much we would need to hear that; He already had a way for us to make it through. He inspired it to be written as a constant reminder that we are not to fear about anything.
    3. The Bible is “the best seller” and the first book ever printed. That’s a pretty awesome fact to know. It’s the best seller of all books, EVER, and it was the first book that was ever printed… What an honor! The Bible has even been translated into 1200 different languages.
    4. It originally had no chapters or verses. Whew! I can’t imagine having to look at it that way. I’m so thankful that three men, over time, went in and divided it up for us. It has made it much easier for us to read, understand, and look things up. Stephen Langton divided The Old Testament into chapters; It was then divided in verses by R. Nathan, and The New Testament was thereafter divided into chapters and verses by Robert Stephanus.
    5. The very first Bible printed with both chapters and verses was not The King James Version Bible. It was The Geneva Version Bible and was printed in 1560. It is the same Bible that The Pilgrims brought over with them. You can compare the different versions of The Bible however it’s said that The King James Version is more accurate.
Now those are some surprising facts!
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