5-Year-Old Gospel Singer Steals Hearts With Heavenly ‘This Little Light Of Mine’

5-Year-Old Gospel Singer Steals Hearts With Heavenly ‘This Little Light Of Mine’ | I Love Being Christian Videos


Kids are precious and cute aren’t they? After all, just about everything they do is adorable. However, there is likely none cuter than little 5-year-old Caleb Serrano. You might recognize that name from when the pint sized performer/ministry leader wowed Steve Harvey on his series “Little Big Shots. Most recently, little Caleb and his larger than life personality and impressive pipes appeared on Harry Connick Jr.’s talk show “HARRY. While singing his rendition of “This Little Light of Mine,” Caleb earned a standing ovation from Harry himself. Harry, a former American Idol judge, also ended up dancing along with the boy.


What Makes This Performance Any Different?

You might be wondering why it’s even worth your time to watch this performance. After all, did’nt we just say all kids are precious and cute. Well, yes. However, Caleb doesn’t sound or perform like the typcial kid. If you close your eyes and simply listen to his vocals, letting the notes radiate through your being, you might believe he was a 30-year-old jazz singer with a naturally high voice instead a little boy. In addition, this kid has some performance abilities that most 5-year-olds just don’t possess.

Why Caleb is so Good at Performing

One big reason Caleb is comfortable in front of an audience is because he helps his Grandfather lead worship at his local church. Interestingly enough,it was Caleb’s grandfather who originally discovered Caleb’s ability to sing and perform. Caleb might be small, but there is more charisma and talent in this small being than in many people who are far older and more experienced than him. It isn’t any wonder really that he continues to impresses everyone who watches his performances. Check him out for yourself below. You won’t be disappointed!

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