7 Miracles Caught on Camera Science Can’t Explain (VIDEO)

7 Miracles Caught on Camera Science Can’t Explain (VIDEO) | I Love Being Christian Videos

Patrick Wolfe / EyeEm / Getty Images


Miracles are unexplainable events which people attribute to God. These events help build the faith of some while growing skepticism in others. Here is a list of top seven miracles caught on camera that cannot be explained.


  1. When a woman’s SUV is submerged in water during a flood, by standers rush to save her. One man is able to reach under the water, put his hand through an open window and pull the woman to safety. When the car is recovered all the windows were still closed.
  2. During a funeral in the Philippines, a toddler pronounced dead at the hospital moves in her coffin. The child is rushed to the hospital where she recovers from her sickness.
  3. When rescue workers in Utah discovered a crashed vehicle partially submerged in water beneath a bridge they rushed to help. While approaching the vehicles an adult, female voice can clearly be heard begging for help. The workers respond with shouts of reassurance. They then discover a mother which had been dead for some time and an unconscious baby in the back seat. Workers attribute the mysterious voice to miraclous intervention.
  4. When a white Volkswagen ran over a grandmother and her five year old grandson, it was nothing short of miracle that both are caught on camera standing up from the accident and walking away.
  5. An 83 year old holy man in India has claimed that he can live without eating or drinking. During a 15-day scientific study he was videoed and observed by a medical team neither eating nor drinking or passing urine. He claims that Devine powers allow him to survive without food.
  6. The Lady of Akita statue has been caught on camera crying on many occasions. When the tears were studied they were found to in fact be human tears.
  7. After a devastating earth quake shook the Indian Ocean off the coast of North Sumatra the following Tsunami wiped out much of the coastal region. Some of the few surviving buildings were Mosques. These holy places were left almost entirely without damage amid the devastation.



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