Adorable Video of Kids and Pets Living Life to the Fullest

Adorable Video of Kids and Pets Living Life to the Fullest | I Love Being Christian Videos

photo credit: screenshot / YouTube / BabiezTV

What could make a compilation video featuring extremely cute kids better? If you answered adding equally cute dogs and cats to the mix, you will LOVE this video posted by BabiezTV. In this video, you will see dogs, cats, puppies and kittens interacting with their smallest family members in funny and entertaining ways.

Simply Living Life Can be a Joy

Many times in life, we dwell on only the difficult times. The work, the stress and the heartaches. We don’t take the time to enjoy all the joys simply living provides. The innocence of children and pets showcase this simply joy that is often overlooked by us adults once we get into the chores and hassles of daily living. This video is a reminder to us all of the joys that exist right in front of your eyes when we only take the time to observe them.


Live an Abundant Life

In John 10:10, God’s word says, “ …I have come that they may have life, and have it more abundantly (or to the full.)” This verse shows us that God doesn’t want us to live life for the day-to-day struggles. He doesn’t want us to simply survive. He wants us to thrive, live, laugh and enjoy our existence on earth. This video is a perfect personification of living out this verse, enjoying even the mundane moments. This video features kids eating, playing, cleaning, etc. Nothing extraordinary but they are existing with a joy for living that is embraced and emulated by their innocent pet friends/family members. We can all appreciate the example they are setting and seek to do better ourselves in each facet of our everyday lives.

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