Aeoliah Showcases Beautiful Instrumental Music in Angelic Hymn

Aeoliah Showcases Beautiful Instrumental Music in Angelic Hymn | I Love Being Christian Videos

YouTuber: Icarus

His music has been known to help pregnant women, hospital-bound patients, nurses and doctors relax. Its soothing combination of instruments bring such a calming presence that anyone in any tense situation can benefit from just a few minutes of his songs. His albums are award-winning success stories in Hollywood.

Who is this creative genius? His name is Aeoliah, born Jonathan Fairchild, and he is a German multi-instrumentalist making waves everywhere.


As a young boy, Aeoliah studied violin and piano. After his family immigrated to the United States, he studied fine arts at the University of New Mexico and then began his career as a painter. His early works were exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Stedelijik Museum in Amsterdam. As his painting progressed, however, Aeoliah began to feel that his art was deeply linked to the music he had studied as a child. Aeoliah used this creative energy to write his first album, Inner Sanctum, on which he played the harp and synthesizer.

In 2005, Aeoliah released an album called Realms of Grace. One of its standout songs was Angels of Victory. In this soft, beautiful hymn, listeners are carried away to a quiet place full of love, healing and a higher level of understanding. Experience spirituality like never before as Angels of Victory brings you closer and closer to God our Savior.

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