Amazing Footage of Angels Protecting a Child

Amazing Footage of Angels Protecting a Child | I Love Being Christian Videos

photo credit: Getty Images / Hillary Kladke

Does God protect children? Have you ever wondered if He is more apt to protect the young than any of His children? Well, if you have been around a two-year-old for any length of time, you would almost have to believe He does, perhaps with the help of His angels. After all, with the trouble they manage to get into in a blink of an eye, how would any of us reach adulthood without God’s provision and protection? While that point is valid, this amazing video catches a real life miracle on camera that goes above and beyond mere protection from childhood antics.


What Happened?

In this video, you will see something so amazing, you likely won’t believe your eyes. You will witness a small child riding behind a man on a motorcycle. They pull up alongside a tracker trailer at a red light. You then see the unthinkable happen. The tractor trailer, seemingly unaware of the bike’s presence, begins to turn into the bike, causing it to pitch under the truck. The small child falls off and is under the truck instantly. The child’s father (you assume) gets up and quickly runs to get the truck driver’s attention, imploring them to stop. You fear the child has already been run over when miraculously he crawls from between the trucks wheels unharmed into his father’s awaiting arms. This amazing video is real world proof of God’s miraculous hand of protection, perhaps through an angel, on children as there is simply no other explanation for what takes place.

What The Bibles Says

Proverbs 14:26 says “In the fear of the Lord there is strong confidence, and His children will have refuge.” The small boy in the video most certainly found refuge in God and we should all be thankful to serve a God this powerful.

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