God Sends Angel To Intercept The Devils Evil Plan (CAUGHT ON CAMERA)

God Sends Angel To Intercept The Devils Evil Plan (CAUGHT ON CAMERA) | I Love Being Christian Videos

This is possibly the most amazing video of an Angel ever being caught on tape!

A security camera on a bridge in Japan is watching over the late night streets when a miracle gets caught on film. A man on a petty cab speeds into an intersection quickly to realizes there’s another vehicle coming -but it’s way too late. A big truck comes storming through about to smash right into the petty cab driver. The Devil had it all perfectly mapped out.


However within a millisecond faster than the speed of light God sends an amazing Angel into the scene beaming a bright and holy light out of his hands surrounding the petty cab driver. The light engulfs the driver and then teleports him to a safer part of the road and out of harms way.

The truck driver slams on his break and gets out looking under and around the truck to see if he had hit the petty caber. Though the caber is safe and sound. The Angel quickly dims down the beaming light coming from his hands, shakes them off and then not to frighten them any further smoothly walks away while everybody else stumbles around in awe at what really just happened. You’ve got to see this for youself!

NOTE: Gods plan will always prevail. Take a look at the Angels hands right as they reappear on the other side of the road. His hands are on the petty cab glowing with Gods amazing power.

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The miracle happens about 40 seconds into the video feel free to skip to that part.