Are Dinosaurs Mentioned in the Bible?

Are Dinosaurs Mentioned in the Bible? | I Love Being Christian Videos


With the recent release of the latest movie in the Jurassic Park franchise “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”, there is renewed interest in dinosaurs. What part did they play in creation? Are they mentioned in the Bible at all? Watch this video published by Living Waters to find out.

Does The Bible Mention Dinosaurs?

The Bible does in fact mention dinosaurs, though not by the name we know them. For example, Job 40:15-19 says, “Behold now, Behemoth, which I created as well as you; He eats grass like an ox. See now, his strength in his loins and his power is in the muscles and sinews of his belly. He sways his tail like a cedar; The tendons of his thighs are twisted and knit together like rope. His bones are tubes of bronze; His limbs are like bars of iron. He is the first (in magnitude and power) of the works of God…”


How Do We Know The Animal Referenced Isn’t One of Our Modern Day Giants?

Some Bible scholars and commentaries claim the “Behemoth” is our modern day elephant or hippopotamus. However, one characteristic mentioned in this passage talks about the animal’s tail swaying like a cedar, implying it is the size of a tree. Neither of these animals’ fits this description. There is only one creature that fits the characteristics mentioned and that is the dinosaur.

Watch this interesting, educational video to learn more about dinosaurs and how they relate to Biblical creation.

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