Arm Yourself With Words Of Power! (Christian Motivational Speaker)

Arm Yourself With Words Of Power! (Christian Motivational Speaker) | I Love Being Christian Videos

Meet legendary motivational speaker / comedian / follower of Jesus Christ, Les Brown!

He’s one the most inspirational speakers of all time and has made it through some of the most difficulties obstacles. He was born in an abandoned building in the getto section of Liberty City in Miami Florida. He was quickly given up for adoption to a poor single woman who worked as a cafeteria attendant.


Through Jesus and a solid determination to take care of his adopted mother who God sent to save him he set out on a mission to become successful. He went from being abandonedno income, and labeled retarded to being a professional radio DJ, Representative of Ohio, and getting an Emmy for motivational speaking.

Anybody going through any hard times and needing some encouraging words will enjoy listening to Mr. Les Brown. His words of empowerment may be exactly what God wants you to hear right now.

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