Atheist Doctor Finds God / Amazing Testimony of Atheist Turned Christian

Atheist Doctor Finds God / Amazing Testimony of Atheist Turned Christian | I Love Being Christian Videos

(photo credit: YouTube / OTG Ministry)

A doctor: a person of science. An atheist: a person who doesn’t believe in a higher power. Dr. Greg fit both profiles yet there was little joy in his life. Thankfully, this all changed when– according to this video published by Dr. Greg went from atheist to Christian in a pretty unexpected way.

Why Wasn’t Dr. Greg Content?

While his professional career was successful, his life overall, even with the nice cars, great family, vacations and more, was not enough. Dr. Greg felt empty. This made him angry. After all, he had worked hard to achieve what he thought would give him fulfillment. He felt once he reached the pinnacle of success, he would gain the ultimate state of contentment. He soon discovered, though, that the fulfillment he was after wasn’t there. Worst of all, his pesky neighbors who happened to be Christians certainly didn’t practice what they preached, at least that’s what he thought. In his own discontentment, he longed to lash out and they were easy targets.


The Bibles Captivated Dr. Greg

In an effort to prove his neighbors were hypocrites, Dr. Greg decided to study the scriptures for himself. He felt he could surely learn enough Bible to catch them messing up. What started as an act of spite, quickly evolved into him being convicted and captivated by what he was reading. He soon forgot all about his neighbors and begin studying for himself. He learned the truth of 2 Timothy 3:16-17, which says, “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correction and training..”

Greg Was Unable to Disprove The Bible

Greg tried to disprove the resurrection. He tried to disprove the Bible as a whole. He simply couldn’t, and the evidence convicted Greg. However, though he now believed the truth of the Bible, he had not accepted Christ personally. That came only after a patient of Greg’s asked him point blank if he had ever accepted Christ. Watch the video in its entirety to hear the rest of Dr. Greg’s amazing testimony.

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