Baby Steps Into The Zone When Gospel Song Comes On (Caught On Camera)

Baby Steps Into The Zone When Gospel Song Comes On (Caught On Camera) | I Love Being Christian Videos

This little beauty queen lights up like a shooting star when she hears the popular gospel song “Our God” come on the radio. Filled with happiness, she grins from ear to ear, closes her eyes, and lifts her hands towards the sky. You can truly see the pure joy on her face as she connects to the song.

She’s a beautiful example for the Bible tells us, “Unless you become like little children you cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven.” – Why does it say that? – Because children are without feelings of guilt, shame and judgment and are truly an example of 100% love and acceptance.


If we can humble and love ourselves like little children do, we can rest in presence of God, instantly. For Jesus’s humility was the supreme example of how an adult can be lifted, blessed and exalted by God.

The technique is so simple – Jesus’ humble nature should be spoken about more in church and next time you go ask your preacher to speak more about all the ways Jesus showed humility.

For now, watch little baby Izzy be lifted high as she brings a SMILE to our face.

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