Biblical Numerology: The Meaning Of Numbers In The Bible

Biblical Numerology: The Meaning Of Numbers In The Bible | I Love Being Christian Videos

In the video, numerology is pointed out as a way God communicates His Will to His people.

God in heaven is interested in ensuring that His people do not go astray and uses all means possible to communicate to us. With the number 1, He reminds the people of His wholeness. That He is the beginning of everything in life.


Using the number 40, He reminds us that He is compassionate and that at the end of a long lasting tribulation, He will come to our rescue like He did to the Israelite children after wondering the desert for 40 years and Christ after fasting 40 days.

Other numbers such as 12 remind us that like Christ’s disciples, we are His chosen people. While the video shows the imperfection associated with the number 6 and the need for striving for perfection, God reminds us through the number 3 that He wants us to move close to his trinity. When Christ died on the cross at age 33, He shows God’s compassion towards humanity.

There’s a lot of hidden communications in numbers, take a look at the video below!

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