Bible Prophecy Is Happening Worldwide! (2019)

Bible Prophecy Is Happening Worldwide! (2019) | I Love Being Christian Videos

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Prophecy Matters

According to this video published by Lion of Judah, some ¼ of the Bible is prophetic, meaning it is telling us as believers what to look for in the future and talking about events that haven’t yet taken place. This video talks about several of the prophecies that already seem to have been fulfilled or are in the midst of being fulfilled even now.


Prophecy Fulfilled

The video talks about one prophetic verse in particular that seems to have been fulfilled. This verse is found in Isaiah 17:1 and reads, The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap. When you consider that Damascus is modern day Syria, you understand why this verse could be talking about a prophecy that is currently being fulfilled.

No One Knows

Although it is wise to learn prophecy and be able to recognize the signs that Jesus’ return is growing closer, it is worth noting that only God knows when that time will come to pass. As it states in Matthew 24:36, But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.”

Watch this video in its entirety to learn more about the importance of Biblical knowledge in general and prophecy in general as we enter into 2019.

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