Billy Graham Dies at Age 99 – But Delivers One Last, Powerful Message

Billy Graham Dies at Age 99 – But Delivers One Last, Powerful Message | I Love Being Christian Videos

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In this video you can hear Billy Graham in his own distinct cadence and interesting accent, share one last message with us all. Billy begins by explaining how he has seen God’s hand moving all throughout his life and ministry. He never thought he would preach to large, sold out crowds or travel all over the world sharing his message with leaders and civilians alike. In Billy’s words, “God has done this.” This being the amazing reach his ministry has enjoyed.


Billy’s Last Message is “The Meaning of the Cross”

Billy’s last message is based on the cross. The cross Billy references aren’t one that hangs on the wall, or around your neck. This is the real cross of Christ. It is scared and bloodstained. It is a rugged cross. It communicates the message that God loves you with an everlasting love. He loves us all. Billy’s heart was to communicate this truth to everyone he came into contact with.

The Cross is Offensive

As you will hear in the video, Billy says the cross is offensive. It confronts sin and reveals the need for repentance. The cross was the worst form of punishment by the Roman government. However, Jesus endured the pain, suffering, and shame of a tortured death so that we all could come to know His love. The Bible explains this in Peter 2:24-25:

“Through Christ’s death on the cross, those who turn to Him are delivered from both the penalty and power of sin.”

Billy Graham’s messages have always been powerful, yet poignant and straight to the point. His last message of hope is no different. It’s well worth watching in its entirety. We will all miss this great man of God and the world just got a bit darker with his absence.

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