Boy Who Proves Miracles Still Happen – Dead For Fifteen Minutes- He Saw Heaven And Came Back

Boy Who Proves Miracles Still Happen – Dead For Fifteen Minutes- He Saw Heaven And Came Back | I Love Being Christian Videos

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This video below features the miraculous story of 13-year-old Trenton Mckinley and his family. After being severely injured in a dune buggy accident and suffering seven skull fractures, this young man was deemed brain dead. The doctor’s prognosis given to his mom and other family members was “even if he lives, he will be a vegetable.” This of course meant he would essentially remain brain dead.

Trenton’s mother was forced to make an agonizing decision. Should they allow doctors to harvest his organs and save the lives of five other children? After considering the options, Trenton’s mother made the ultimate choice of love and agreed to harvest his organs a few days later and signed the papers to donate his organs. It is worth noting that Trenton was clinically dead for 15 minutes after his accident and was brain dead for multiple days afterward. Doctors gave her no hope of recovery for her son.


What Happened?

A mere day before doctors were scheduled to harvest young Trenton’s organs, he began showing unexpected signs of life. His hands were moving, ever so slightly and his heart rate picked up. His eyes also again appeared “alive.” Whereas before they were black and lifeless, they were now green with white specks of glitter. Trenton’s mom believes this pigment change, from his normal blue, was due to his heavenly experience.

Trenton Went to Heaven

According to Trenton, he believes he spent some time in heaven. He says he remembers walking through a field and just knowing that his recovery could only be the result of God’s hand in his life. There was no other explanation.

What The Bibles Says About Miraculous Healing

Jesus performed many miraculous healings in the Bible. Mark 5:36 says, “…Jesus told him ‘Don’t be afraid; just believe.” This was in reference to a father who was seeking His help to heal his daughter, who he learned had died. Jesus just spoke the word and the little girl’s life was restored, just as Trenton’s was in this story, making it a great example of a modern day miracle.

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