Calling All Christians: The King is Beckoning You

Calling All Christians: The King is Beckoning You | I Love Being Christian Videos

This powerful motivational christian video that is backed with heart-pounding, dramatic music. He reminds us that by nature, we are rebels because we have sinned. We are essentially imprisoned in a mental jail cell and require the prominent Grace of God to awaken us to the fact that we are lost and unable to free ourselves. The enemy has the legal right to perpetually harass us, creating a mental prison cell a place of inescapable doom. However, because we are saved by Grace, Jesus stands as an intercessor between us and the accuser — it is by His actions that we are healed.


The realization that Jesus died on the cross means that we are redeemed, forgiven and justified.

The bad news is that many of us have stopped with the good news at this very realization because we remain in the prison cell. God reminds us that His blood was shed for more than just forgiveness. He was interested in dealing with the problems of sin so that we could escape the jail and be set free, beckoning us into His presence.

We wonder why would we deserve Him; it is because He loves us. He wants us to represent Him and to serve — to be a sheep among wolves. Jesus warns us that if we accept His request to spread the good news, we would be persecuted and hated.

We are commissioned to represent the Lord; to bear the image and very representation of God almighty. We must rescue the lost in the power of His name. We should not do anything on our own strength. We must ask God to come into our hearts and become one with Him.

Now check out this incredible video below!

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