Cameraman Gives Us A Glimpse Into The Life Of An 98-Year-Old (You Will Be Touched And Saddened)

Cameraman Gives Us A Glimpse Into The Life Of An 98-Year-Old (You Will Be Touched And Saddened) | I Love Being Christian Videos

You might wanna grab a tissue for this one. Prepare for your heart strings to be pulled on as you watch this video.

This 98 year old lady will make you think about the older generation that we often forget. God has kept them here for a reason, and it’s not to be overlooked.


Older people are needed more now at their age than they think. We need them for their years of wisdom. Our Pastor says that we need them in the Church now! We don’t need them to retire, but to help give wisdom to the younger generations.

This got to me a little bit, I won’t lie about it. This adult center seemed to be an amazing place for these people to go everyday. It’s important to have people who truly care in these places, who don’t just work for employment- but for the betterment of these elderly people’s lives.

It meant the world to her just to have company. Just to be able to go to a place she could surround herself with friends. She said she wanted to keep going as long as she could. She said she was blessed! Blessed to be able to walk around and go at 98 years old.

What a testimony she is for that generation and ours; and what an eye opener to us who may not give the attention that is needed in their lives. We all have elderly people in our lives that we could pour into. Whether they be in our families, at Church, or even just a friend. If you do something to brighten their day, you’ll be glad you did. 🙂

The older generation are still people too, and they need to know that they matter. They need to know they are cared for, and that they are loved beyond words! Let’s be mindful to love on them, especially if they are our family.

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