Can You Guess Who These Famous Gospel Singers Are?

Can You Guess Who These Famous Gospel Singers Are? | I Love Being Christian Videos

When The Cowboy Sings/YouTube

Calling All Baby Boomers & Generation X-ers!

(And anyone else who’s curious!) It’s time for a serious flashback. Anyone who remembers the Hee Haw variety show can fondly look back at its many musical talents. Perhaps the best of them all was the Hee Haw Gospel Quartet, who came one at the end of just about every show and sing a traditional gospel hymn. What better way to conclude some good ol’ wholesome entertainment than to sing along with some gospel and remember where the good things in life really come from – Jesus!


Hosted by the popular country legend Buck Owens, this fabulous foursome has long been a fan favorite. Their songs have even been compiled together into a wonderful album so that you can now hear them back to back, from Amazing Grace to When the Roll is Called up Yonder. And at a time when digital equipment and special effects were not present yet, it truly is a treasure to enjoy the unspoiled quality talent on its own, with little equipment other than microphones and the musical instruments themselves – and the wonderful musical gifts that the performers had shared with thousands of their audience members for several decades across America.

Are you itchin’ to hear some good old-fashioned gospel music? Listen to this video below now of the Hee Haw Gospel Quartet perform Amazing Grace. You’ll want to slip on some overalls and head on over to the cornfield to have a country bumpkin good time!

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