Celebrities Who’ve Said They Sold Their Soul to the Devil

Celebrities Who’ve Said They Sold Their Soul to the Devil | I Love Being Christian Videos

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Is your favorite entertainer walking the straight and narrow? Or have they sold their soul in an effort to obtain success? According to individuals in this video below, this is exactly what many said they have done within the music industry.

Some entertainers who have bargained with the devil are easy to identify. They proclaim allegiance to Satan and have no problem promoting his agenda like Marilyn Manson and his prodigy Lil Uzi Vert. However, others are more subtle. Perhaps, they slowly shifted their thinking from what they knew to be true to following Satan. Others might still not realize the danger they currently are in as a result of their “deal with the devil.”


One Especially Sad Example

Katy Perry is one especially sad example outlined in this video. She was raised to know better as she was brought up by two pastor parents who traveled around sharing Christ. She wasn’t allowed to watch music videos, nor was she given the opportunity to stray from God throughout her upbringing. Unfortunately, after making a gospel album and not finding the success she desired, she changed her strategy. She admitted to “selling her soul” in order to achieve her present day level of success. Unfortunately, Katy is far from the only entertainer who obtained her success only after “making a deal” with those in power within the music industry. Watch the video to learn more about the evil that goes on behind the scenes.

What The Bible Says About Protecting Our Souls?

There is likely no other verse that better addresses this issue than Mark 8:36, which says, “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?” This verse showcases why no matter what material success one might gain, it is never worth forfeiting a soul over. Never!

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