Christian College Stands Up to Nike

Christian College Stands Up to Nike | I Love Being Christian Videos

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If you watch any amount of television or keep up with social media in any form, you have likely heard about the controversy surrounding the most recent ad campaign by the athletic giant Nike. The company’s choice to feature Colin Kaepernick, former NFL player and National Anthem protestor and activist extraordinaire, has been seen by many as a negative move by Nike.

Why Partnering With Kaepernick is so Problematic

The ad featuring Kaepernick, which says “believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything, seems to paint him in a favorable light. As a person who sacrificed for something beyond himself. However, although he and others might believe that to be true, his National Anthem protests and involvement in controversial groups like Black Lives Matter makes him a less than ideal spokesperson for a company who is supposed to remain politically and religiously neutral.


What The Video Features

In this video posted by Dr. Steve Turley, you will see one Christian college’s reaction to Nike’s choice of spokesman. They cut ties with the company, refusing to use the brand for any of their athletic teams. More colleges, high schools, corporations and even individuals are likely to follow suit.

What The Bible Says About Making a Stand as a Christian?

As Christians, we are called to make a stand when it comes to issues that pertain to our faith and values. When we don’t, it is considered sin by God as is explained in James 4:17, which says “So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.”

This verse explains that as people of faith we have to stand up and do the right thing in some instances where to do so goes against popular opinion and even large, powerful companies like Nike.

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