Conway Twitty Proclaims His Love For Jesus In Powerful Ballad ‘The Third Man’

Conway Twitty Proclaims His Love For Jesus In Powerful Ballad ‘The Third Man’ | I Love Being Christian Videos

Conway Twitty graced the country world with one of his best albums to date in 1973. This album entitled “Who Will Pray For Me” was filled with amazing tracks. However, the eighth one on the album stood tall above the others. This song was “The Third Man.”

“The Third Man” Why It’s So Special

Written and composed by Teddy Wilburn, Don Helms, and Frances Heighton, “The Third Man” tells the story of Christ’s death on the cross, through beautifully written lyrics. During the song, the singer acts as the narrator, saying he dreamed he took a walk and came upon a hill where three crosses stood. On these three crosses, two men cried out, begging for mercy, while the other, the third manlooked at him silently. This of course was Jesus. The song says, “Oh the hurt in this man’s eyes, it just broke my heart in two! It seemed I could hear Him say, ‘Son, I’m doing this for you.’”


Exemplifies Jesus’ Amazing Grace Played Out on the Cross

Throughout the song, the narrator sees the love of Jesus exemplified before his eyes. Eventually, the narrator wakes up for his dream, but the words of Christ remain steadfast in his heart. Twitty himself has a bit of a shake in his voice singing the profound lyrics, filled with real life meaning and symbolism.

Listen For Yourself

Enjoy this emotional song by Twitty but keep some tissues handy. Be prepared to feel what it would have been like to be there on that day when Jesus died for you on an old rugged cross. Believers can rejoice that Jesus chose to die for us on that forsaken hill, while unbelievers can have hope that they too have a way to God, through Jesus, if they choose to embrace his sacrifice. Thank you Twitty for sharing this reminder of the “Third Man” on the cross who made life with God possible for us all.

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