What God Wants For Christmas – Darius Rucker

What God Wants For Christmas – Darius Rucker | I Love Being Christian Videos

“I wonder what God wants for Christmas….”

Have you ever sat and thought what God might want for this Christmas?


It’s a very good thing to think about, what does The King of the whole universe want?

I have seen things over and over again this Christmas season about how we need to focus on the TRUE meaning of Christmas. Darius Rucker had it right. If we should ask God what He wants, what would He say?

God isn’t a being that just wants our perfections, our strengths, our good days, etc.. He wants our bad days, our weaknesses, our mess ups, everything. Why? Because He wants us! He wants our hearts! He isn’t interested in how “good” we try to be on our own. HE WANTS ALL OF US! The good and the bad.

Who are we, that God would be mindful of us? (Ps. 8:4) We are so special to God, that we can’t even fully understand what we mean to Him. We are so loved and wanted by Him, that He isn’t waiting on us to get it together; He is just waiting on us to let Him love on us because of WHO HE IS.

Go watch this video and really listen to the words of the song. It is beautiful and a wonderful reminder. 🙂

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