Daughter Of A Millionaire Refused To Marry A Poor Man, And This Is What He Did

Daughter Of A Millionaire Refused To Marry A Poor Man, And This Is What He Did | I Love Being Christian Videos

Interesting Facts / YouTube

This video posted by Interesting Facts tells the story of a woman, the daughter of a millionaire, who refused to marry a poor man, simply because of his financial status. The millionaire’s daughter said to the poor man, I spend more in a day than you earn in a month. How could I marry you? I can’t love someone who can’t give me the life I’m used to! The couple parted ways, the man heartbroken.


The Unexpected Happened

Ten years passed, and in that span, the poor man transformed into a very wealthy man. He thought perhaps the millionaire’s daughter would now accept him. He went back to her and asked if she was still single, because now, he was wealthy and able to provide her the life in which she was accustomed. The millionaire’s daughter said that she had married during the 10 years’ time and was very happy with her wealthy husband. As it turns out, the millionaire’s daughter married an employee of the formally poor man. In other words, the poor man was now the millionaire daughter’s husband’s boss. The millionaire’s daughter realized that she had made a grave mistake. Yes, her current husband was wealthy but the formerly poor man, whom she would not even consider was even more wealthy and was in fact personally responsible for her lavish lifestyle. Watch the video in its entirety to learn even more about this situation.

What We Can Learn From This Situation

This story reveals the downfall that can come from placing too much worth in wealth. As it states in Luke 12:15, Then He said to them, ‘Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.’This verse explains that life does not consist in an abundance of possessions. The millionaire’s daughter was wrong to place such value on such things.

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