Demons Exist, and this Man Can Prove It

Demons Exist, and this Man Can Prove It | I Love Being Christian Videos

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Demons: the antithesis of angels. While angels represent light, love and God, demons are everything hate filled, negative, scary and possessive. According to this video published by The Official 700 Club, demons not only exist, but guest Joe can prove it through his first hand experiences.

Joe’s Journey Away From God

Joe didn’t grow up knowing a lot about God yet he remembers a point in this life where he knew there was a battle brewing between good and evil, God and the devil, waged over his very soul. As he got older, it wasn’t at all uncommon for him to play with Ouija boards. Eventually, he started getting visits from three demons. He refers to them as his handlers. It was these three that came up with a plan for Joe. He would walk into a church service and mock God in his own house. Thankfully, God’s power is exceedingly more powerful than the devil’s and his church visit, which was intended for evil, ended in his being freed by church members from the demons that possessed him.


Was Joe Free From All His Problems?

As Joe left church that day, he knew he was in for a war of epic proportions. His handlers were angry and shot bullets at him as he exited. Eventually, Joe decided to drink his problems away, and even contemplated committing murder all in an effort to “get away form God.” Thankfully, he didn’t go through with it but he did end up in jail where he finally fully gave his life to Christ and received the freedom he desired from the demon’s influence in his life.

Joe Knows Demons are Real

In his interview Joe says he knows in real life what verse Psalm 139:8 means. The verse, which says, “If I ascend into heaven, thou art there: if I descend into hell, thou art present,” perfectly exemplifies his life. Joe knows demons are real, because they were a daily part of his life. However, he also knows they are no match for the powerful God he now serves.

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