Did This Woman Really Met Jesus Christ In Person? (Testimony)

Did This Woman Really Met Jesus Christ In Person? (Testimony) | I Love Being Christian Videos

Now here’s a testimony that’s got us on the edge of our seats! This woman named Annick claims she has really met the One and only, Jesus Christ (in person)!

We’re just gonna jump right into this and say it all began with her being rushed to the hospital because she was having whats called an “ectopic pregnancy” (which really just means the fertilized egg inside her had implanted outside her uterus in her fallopian tubes) and her fallopian tubes at this point busted and was bleeding out.


She gets to the emergency room and ends up going into a spiritual battle because all the nurses and doctors left her all alone for hours as she screamed for Jesus over and over again. This is when she says something weird happened to her… all of the sudden she realized (as if she could hear what people were thinking) that some of the people in the hospital hearing her scream were praying for her to heal – while others were getting very annoyed (cuz she was calling for Jesus) wanting her to shut up and praying for her death.

FINALLY, a good doctor walked by and heard her crying, bleeding, and asked what was she still doing here then took her to another floor to be operated on. In this moment it got very surreal for her because she said she could feel herself dying. She claimed as she was dying she could literally taste death in her mouth and smell it too. Long story short – the doctors ended up leaving the operating room to go get a breathing device and that’s when she claimed this happened…

“I was laying down, and in the corner of the room something appeared… It was a being made out of fire and it had the biggest light emanating from it’s 7 foot tall body. It started coming towards me and all around it’s body was this gas that had that light all around it. It looked so powerful with this blueish white neon fire. I was so scared and the first thing I said was… oh my God, these things really do exist… on my God, oh no… I don’t want to see this… I just wanted it to go away… And then I realized I had to surrender to it because I couldn’t move from the bed. I felt like I had to throw myself on the ground because it was royalty. It had the might of a lion and as it was slowing coming towards me I could tell it had the love and gentleness of dove or kitten. It had the power to take my life and it had the power to heal me. It was GOD, it was Jesus Christ. He walked to me and put He’s hand of my left foot and I felt this river of fresh water running through me, washing me, and then…”

You can hear the rest of her story in the video below because to be honest all the above is actually a super condensed unfinished version of her story and not really told in detail like she told it. However, below is where you’ll witness her telling THE FULL STORY in detail.

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