Angel Spotted By U.S. Fighter Jets (Caught On Camera) (MUST SEE!)

Angel Spotted By U.S. Fighter Jets (Caught On Camera) (MUST SEE!) | I Love Being Christian Videos

Two U.S. fighter jets go racing through the sky one evening only to end up catching a glimpse of an object that has left them in wonder. You can tell they’re really not sure what it is when they talk back and forth to one another but you can tell they’re truly experiencing something out of the norm.

They radio call one another and one pilot says “I had a radar hit, there was something there. It didn’t look like a bird, no kidding. I have no idea what it was but stay away from 17,000 feet” 


Taking a look at the camera footage ourselves it appears to be an intelligent ball of light that can fly at incredibly fast speeds. It seems to be following and playing around with them like it’s no problem. One of the pilots get brave and starts maneuvering towards the ball of light. As he pulls in close and pulls back out it appears to be calm, not moving and just staying right there with them.

To be honest we can’t say for certain what it is but the first three things our imagination want’s to think is… (1) it could be top secret government technology, (2) could be an alien space craft, or (3) maybe it’s an Angel?

Only God really knows but the video is very FASCINATING to watch – check it out below! 

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