Wife Out Smarts Husband When He Request To Be Buried With All His Money!

Wife Out Smarts Husband When He Request To Be Buried With All His Money! | I Love Being Christian Videos

Part of a wealthy man’s final will was to his wife to bury him with all his money. He worked hard all his life to reach such a wealthy state and for some reason instead of leaving his wife and family with a means to support themselves, he wanted to take it all to his grave. We can only speculate why he wanted to do this but the story gets more INTERESTING as it unfolds here.

On the day of the funeral when everyone was gathered around the wife went up to her husband’s casket to say her final goodbyes. She said she loved him, cried, and remember all the great times they had together on their journey as she kissed him one last time. Before she walked away she slipped a shoe box in the side of his casket as the funeral home members got ready to close the casket for burial.


At that point the wife took a ride over to the cemetery with a few close friends and family members and began to comment on how they couldn’t believe she willingly slipped in all the family’s money. The wife calmly told them she wanted to adhere to her husbands final wishes and the amount of cash requested by him would not have fit into his coffin. So instead, she decided to write him a check for the amount and placed it in his coffin in the shoe box.

Take a look at WHAT HAPPENS NEXT in the video below…

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