“Mama Say A Prayer” sung by Dolly Parton!

“Mama Say A Prayer” sung by Dolly Parton! | I Love Being Christian Videos

On the day of Dolly Parton‘s high school graduation, each of her classmates stood and said what they wanted to do with their futures. Many declared an interest in going to college or getting married. Some talked about going to a nearby city to find work. Not Dolly Parton. She stood and–with all the gusto she is still known for–said, “I’m gonna move to Nashville and be a big star.” According to Parton, everybody laughed. She didn’t understand why for several years, but now she knows–“They’d never known anybody who had the gall to dream that big and declare it out loud.”


Declare it out loud she did. And she’s been living her dreams since that day. One of the songs that made her famous?–“Mama Say a Prayer.”

Mama Say a Prayer

No doubt the country classic, “Mama Say a Prayer” is part (if not entirely) autobiographical for the famous singer who was a country-girl-turned-superstar, with words like–

The bright lights of the city are a pretty site to see
Perhaps they’re extra pretty to a country girl like me
Temptation waits at every turn and it won’t let me be
So mama when you pray tonight
Say a special prayer for me

The Truth Behind the Song

Dolly Parton may be made of gold (with rhinestone glasses to match, knowing Dolly!), but she has a heart of gold to match. “Mama Say a Prayer,” like so many of her original songs, tell a rags-to-riches story of a young woman with a desire to fight poverty on behalf of her beloved state of Tennessee.

Check out the song below to experience the unforgettable classic for yourself!

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