Easter Sunday Play Ends In Flames & Jesus Running Offstage (Caught On Camera)

Easter Sunday Play Ends In Flames & Jesus Running Offstage (Caught On Camera) | I Love Being Christian Videos

As you see the man on the left is trying to put out the flames as the stage begins to erupt with fireballs! (photo credit: screenshot from video below)

All across America, churches will be putting on their own version of the Easter events via a play or dramas. This video, which you can watch below, was posted by Relevant Magazine, shows an Easter drama gone wrong. The idea you can tell was for the fictional tomb to be “lit” with fire around the edge of the door to represent God’s glory.

What Happens?

As the tomb outline comes into focus, via fire, you can tell things got a bit out-of-hand. Amazingly, the man singing along with the drama doesn’t miss a beat. However, you can tell there is some concern on the part of the congregants for the man playing Jesus–who as of yet has remained enclosed in the tomb. You see a man rush up to pull the now enflamed piece of scenery out of the way and a victorious “Jesus” walk out of the fire unharmed. While this is obviously a church play/drama and not the actual risen Savior, the fact that the man playing Jesus was unharmed in such an obviously dangerous situation shows God’s provision and protection in all areas of life for those who believe in Him.


What The Bible Says About Alluding Harm

One of the best examples in the Bible of believers alluding certain harm is in Daniel 3:25. In this passage, King Nebuchadnezzar, throws Abednego, Meshach and Shadrach into a blazing fire for the expressed purpose of execution. Instead of death, these men were saved. The Bible says, “He (King Nebuchadnezzar) said, ‘Look! I see four men walking around in the fire, unbound and unharmed and the fourth looks like a god!” Believers know this fourth man was likely the preincarnate Jesus who was walking around with the believers, protecting them from the flames. Perhaps, the man in this video was also protected in a similar way. Watch the video to decide for yourself.

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