Elvis Presley Sings Oh Happy Day

Elvis Presley Sings Oh Happy Day | I Love Being Christian Videos

Anyone who knows anything about the king of rock n roll, knows that when Elvis Presley sang a song, people listened. He was a total experience and when he sang this rendition of Walter Hawkin’s Oh Happy Day,” in this live performance he did not disappoint.

Elvis loved gospel music and that is apparent as he sings the lyrics. Listen as he says “my Jesus” washed my sins away– sounds like he is taking the lyrics and message to heart.


Elvis Aaron Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, to Gladys Love and Jesse Garon. He was very close to his parents and the family attended an Assembly of God church. Yes, it’s true, Elvis found his first musical inspiration right in the church house, singing for Jesus.

The performance in this video shows an inspired Elvis who is directed, singing, including lots of vocalizing and working hard to pull as much from his band and background singers. The piece was filmed in 1970 and was slated to be a part of an upcoming movie, That’s The Way It Is. 

This 1970 documentary was Presley’s first non-dramatic film and marked his return to the stage after thirteen years. The Elvis Summer Festival began on August 10, 1970 at the International Hotel in Las Vegas. The film featured many of his hits and recorded his life, including his rehearsals and more during the week of August 11,12 and 13th.

It’s great to see Elvis, relaxed and inspired, directing the small gospel ensemble that is backing him and singing in the spirit about the day Jesus saved his soul. Read some of these lyrics and you can’t help but get excited!

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