Evidence You Have Met a Real-Life Angel

Evidence You Have Met a Real-Life Angel | I Love Being Christian Videos

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Angels are real. This is a fact. However, learning to recognize them isn’t always easy. After all, they don’t fly around in the air or tell us that they are God’s messengers. That would make it much easier to recognize them. Instead, we have to discern the signs we have been in the presence of God’s heavenly beings often after the fact. Watch this video published below to discover these signs.

Signs You Have Been in the Presence of an Angel

  • Change of Heart: Often your encounter with an angel will result in a change of heart. You might go from being depressed and without hope to hopeful just because of a simple conversation with a stranger. Was this individual an angel? Perhaps!
  • An Awakening: Another sign you might have encountered an angel in real life is an awakening. You might have even felt this awakening after glancing into the eyes of a stranger. Perhaps this stranger didn’t even speak to you, but just a glance caused your heart to stir.
  • Increased Senses: To explain this sign, consider the following, you are walking home from a hard workout in the gym and see a beggar sitting alongside the sidewalk. You stop to offer them a few dollar bills. When the beggar looks up, you all the sudden notice the smell of rain, you hear a bird chirping and you feel the breeze on your face. Suddenly, you are ultra aware of all your senses. This moment coincided with meeting a stranger. This might have been an angel as increased senses are yet another sign you have encountered one of God’s messengers.

What the Bible Says About Angels

The Bible explains in Hebrews 13:2 that we can encounter angels without being aware. The verse says, “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” This verse explains angels are around us, even when we don’t recognize them.


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