Eye-Witness Accounts & Amazing Footage of Angels on Earth

Eye-Witness Accounts & Amazing Footage of Angels on Earth | I Love Being Christian Videos

Screenshot captured from video below / YouTube / Shattered Paradise

Luke 15:10 “In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” Angels. They are God’s messengers, sure. In this verse, we learn they also rejoice when one sinner repents, implying they care deeply about our very souls. Of course, angels serve in a protective capacity as well. This is the “job” put on display in the featured video published below.


What is Displayed in The Video?

In this video, you will see real life evidence of angels at work. Set your eyes on mysterious light beings and guardian angels as they set out to protect us from harm here on earth.

Unrecognized Angel Encounters

Perhaps, you have even encountered an angel yourself without being aware. For example, consider a close call you might have had on the way to work. A car pulled out in front of you and you had no idea how you responded quickly enough to prevent a collision. Your reflexes could have received a bit a help from up above in the form of an angelic intervention. This is the type of incident that is captured on film throughout this amazing video.

Angels Are Active Here on Earth

During the video, the narrator describes the way angels work as a 3D chess game. They are active in multiple dimensions and move through those effortlessly to serve and protect us. This video shows actual video footage of light beings, close calls and even features some interviews with eye-witnesses who claim to have personally seen or been protected by an angel of God. Watch the video in its entirety to see convincing evidence of angels working all around us. Warning: If you don’t believe in angels, you soon will after watching this!

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