Fallen Angels Are Frozen In Antarctica, Still Alive! (According To Recent News)

Fallen Angels Are Frozen In Antarctica, Still Alive! (According To Recent News) | I Love Being Christian Videos

When you think of Antarctica, what do you think of first? I know when I think about the coldest place on earth, I think primarily of isolation, barrenness, cold, ice sheets and all around nothingness. You might be surprised to learn this frigid region is the focus of many theories you would likely be shocked to learn about. Recently, Israelis News Live posted an in-depth look at the many mysterious going ons surrounding the virtually inhabited land.


The video goes into more detail, but most of the theory is based on the book of Enoch in the Bible. In the book, it talks about a land where the fallen of God are imprisoned. This land, as unexpected as it might seem, sounds a lot like Antarctica. Some say there is a reason to believe there are living, fallen angels imprisoned even today in Antarctica. In addition to the similarities between what is listed in Enoch’s book and the icy land of Antarctica, there are also some odd things happening that seem to indicate that Antarctica is holding secrets we all should know more about.

One such instance involved a stampede in Mecca. The news reported this stampede caused the deaths of 700 or so people. In actuality, it was around 2,000 deaths and apparently, the cause had nothing to do with a stampede. Instead, it was due to an accident in excavating an artifact called the Ark of Gabriel.

Allegedly, a Russia ship ported in Saudi Arabia and then made its way to Antarctica. Some say the Russians were transporting the Ark of Gabriel, which was the focus of the excavation, to the Antarctic. Others aren’t sure. Suffice it to say, this all has peaked my interest in what I had apparently wrongly assumed was a barren land with nothing but sheets of ice to offer the world.

Take a look at the FULL STORY below and hear what Mr. Steven had to say about this.

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